What's New - I have been working on adding personalization to my children's books. Nothing lights up a child's eyes more than seeing his or her own name in a story. .  


Anne James Personalized Books:

In Oliver’s Alligator and Michael’s Bluebird, your child is the star!

The Personalized book series, Oliver’s Alligator and Michael’s Bluebird, are now available for your child. Representing boys and girls all over the world, the story can be customized to star your child.

With your child’s name, city, state, and a large body of water that is near your little one, the book puts your child in the middle of the action, as if it were written just for them – and it is!

Watch the sparkle in their eyes as they jump on the back of Edgar the alligator or help Barclay the bluebird for a wonderful adventure!

Click Here to Learn More about how you can add this treasure to your little one’s library.

Personalized Childrens Book





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