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“James” knowledgeable and loquacious Agatha instructs neighbors and friends alike on the joys of gardening and preservation of heritage.

This resurrected collection of essays takes me back to the days when Mother did her best to indoctrinate me into the joys of tilling the earth for beauty and sustenance. I was a poor student then, but now James has lost me in fond memories of foraging with Mother for spring greens, the fragrance of wild roses my Great Grandmother Planted over a hundred years ago, and the peacefulness of sitting with a lap full of “shellie” beans stripping the pods and listening to tales of the past.

I am learning much from James considerable hands-on knowledge as well as recalling with pleasure the time when sustainable home farming was not a movement but a fact of life for those us who grew up in small country towns.” -Juliet DeMarko, Northwest Florida Poet Laureate 2009-2014.


NEW – Big Red at the Zoo

Big Red has been feeling so small and unimportant at the Memphis Zoo. But when a big storm blows in, Audrey and all the other zoo animals show Big Red that he is just as needed and loved as them.

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Big Red at the Zoo


Green Fables Book

Agatha Chrysanthemum began giving practical advice to all who loved nature and dared to ask questions around the same time gardening articles began appearing in two separate newspapers.

For a few years, Agatha’s adventures and expertise on all things green endeared her to all those who read of her daily escapades.

Now, after decades in hibernation, they have finally been resurrected and compiled into a book, along with a few new mysteries.

Always timeless, just like Agatha, the green fables hidden among these pages will enlighten as well as delight.

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Green Fables Book


Oliver’s Alligator and Michael’s Bluebird

In Oliver’s Alligator and Michael’s Bluebird, a favorite for kids!

Oliver’s Alligator and Michael’s Bluebird, are now available for your child.

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Personalized Childrens Book

Favorite Quotes
  • “He never knew when he was whipped … So he never was…….”

    –Louis L’Amour, To the Far Blue Mountains

  • “Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better.”
    –Albert Einstein

  • “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”
    –A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh